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KIT Publishers of Amsterdam publishes about 60 books and bulletins a year, specializing in Travel & Country Information, Art & Culture and Development Issues, Politics & Debate. KIT's publications are distributed to the Dutch and international market.

K Dictionaries develops monolingual, bilingual, multilingual, learner and picture dictionaries and has developed products in nearly 50 languages, available in print and all types of digital media.

McHahm is a mobile application publisher of dozens of dictionaries and language material for mobile devices.

Cossetania Edicions and Lectio publish literature and non-fiction books, as well as children's fiction and travel guides. Cossetania have been our partner in Spain since 1996.

Cossetania Edicions McHahm Cossetania Edicions

TEA Publishers is the leading publisher in Estonia of dictionaries, reference books, fiction, travel guides, and children's books.

Niculescu specializes in dictionaries, reference, travel guides, religious, and academic text.

Western Outdoor Interactive (WOI) provides design and development services for interactive applications, games, and content for the inflight entertainment (IFE) industry.

Cossetania Edicions

Kernerman Publishing specializes in producing dictionaries for students, learners, and native speakers of English.

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